International Digital Earth Applied Science Research Center (IDEAS),
Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies, Chubu University

IDEAS was established to engage in the development of research approaches to solve complex systemic problems on the theme of “Digital Earth” by applying GIS and spatial information science.

About Digital Earth

Digital Earth is a digital model of the Earth recreated in cyberspace, consisting of a wide range of data on the environment and society combined with locational information. Using Digital Earth we can visualize a variety of natural phenomena and societal issues in the real world and develop an understanding of their interactions in order to solve complex systemic problems. By sharing the cyberspace containing Digital Earth, stakeholders can have a forum for coordination of work and communication from different perspectives about the future of the Earth.

Two research areas of Digital Earth

IDEAS is engaged in two research areas under the concept of Digital Earth.

  1. Development of technical components for the design and improvement of Digital Earth
  2. Case studies of the use of Digital Earth to support decision-making to address complex systemic problems