About Research Center

IDEAS has been playing a leading role in conducting and promoting Digital Earth research in Japan since IDEAS was accredited as the “Joint usage/research center for Digital Earth to address emerging complex systemic problems” by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) on April 1, 2014.


Via joint usage / research, we promote research and development of Digital Earth, working with researchers in a wide range of areas, including GIS, remote sensing, information sciences, and social sciences.

We also make Digital Earth available for researchers who are addressing complex systemic problems such as environmental issues and disasters, in order to advance science in fields related to building a sustainable society.

System diagram of joint usage /
research center for Digital Earth

System diagram System diagram

Research facilities for joint usage / research

The “Digital Earth Room” is one of the prime facilities provided for joint usage / research. The equipment can present multiple image inputs on a 15-screen multi-panel display via an image processing server, and can comprehensively show a variety of information transmitted from the Digital Earth server. In recent years this facility has also been used for disaster management research with local authorities, as well as environmental communication based on citizen science.

Crisis management info-collection vehicle

equipped with a 360°camera,
computer, plotter,
satellite Internet link,
and satellite mobile phone line

Unmanned aerial vehicles

(fixed-wing and multirotor aircraft)