Research Topics

Specific project research

Category1 : Integration of technical components for Digital Earth

1-1 : Development of real-time sensing data integration methods and standard data models

Research to develop methods to acquire data from various sensor systems (land, sea, air, space based) then provide and/or utilize the data via web service on OGC standard.

1-2 : Construction and analysis of basic data and visualization of uncertainty

Construct and analyze basic information on urban areas (e.g., population), and/or establish methods to comprehensively visualize/display uncertainty.

1-3 : Development of science communication systems

Research to develop open, evidence-based communication methods and provide information using multiscreen Digital Earth Room.

1-4 : Big data analysis and application of artificial intelligence (AI) and/or machine learning to Digital Earth"

Research on dynamic big data analysis methods and their application to complex systemic problems, and/or research on decision-making support using AI with Digital Earth.

Category2 : Digital Earth applications to address complex systemic problems

2-1 : Digital Earth applications for disaster prevention and reduction

Research to design and develop disaster prevention and reduction information services by gathering, analyzing and integrating disaster information (e.g., earthquake, tsunami, and torrential rain) using Digital Earth.

2-2 : Digital Earth applications for environmental and energy-related issues

Research to demonstrate and test the use of Digital Earth to address complex systemic problems relating to the environment and/or energy.

2-3 : Digital Earth applications for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators

Research to integrate information into Digital Earth to visualize and assess progress with the SDGs and global indicators.

General research

Collaborative research with IDEAS researchers (topic can be determined by applicant but should be related to Digital Earth).

Research meeting

Research meeting held collaboratively with IDEAS researchers (the topic can be determined by applicant but should be related to Digital Earth).

Participation in joint research: institutes, researchers, adopted projects

Participating institutes Participating researchers Adopted projects