Faculty Members

full time
Specialty/Earth Science, Geoinformatics, Digital Earth

Research focus is in the modeling and simulation on Digital Earth platform to promote consensus formation, planning, and policy making to reach the sustainability of earth.

full time
Specialty/ Geoinformatics, Application of GIS technology in field of Archaeology / cultural heritage management

Research focus is in the spatial modeling, simulation and measurement in the field of Archaeology / Cultural heritage management. Adopting the insight from the long-term vision of “civilization” to the future vision is another study interest.

Associate Professor
full time
Specialty/GIS, Remote Sensing, Forest Management

Forest management is, in a way, a miniature complex problem consisted of various tempo-spatial matters and stakeholders. Research focus is in the development and application of Remote sensing and GIS technologies as a solution for the forestry management.

Associate Professor
full time
Specialty/Geoinformatics, Digital Earth, Plasma physics

Research focus is in the formulation of large-deviation and non-equilibrium dynamics. The goal is to forecast sudden events (non-equilibrium event) and to adapt its formulation to solve complex systemic problem model which is consisted of interaction among the various tempo-spatial factors.

College of Engineering, Dept. of Astronautics and Aeronautics (Professor)
Specialty/ Remote Sensing, IT Agriculture

Agriculture is a complex systemic problem consisted of risk management, environment, national security, and logistics. Research focus is to serve a Web service solution which runs related simulation based on integrated multi-scale spatial information.

College of Engineering, Dept. of Robotic Science and Technology (Professor)
Specialty/ Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Robot can be understood as a system which imports external data (sense), recognize the meaning, decide, and to make action for the human. Research focus is to realize the Computer Vision to mimic the human process of “sense->recognize->decision making” for the robot.

College of Science and Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (Professor)
Specialty/ Seismology, Natural disaster

Natural disaster such as tsunami, typhoon, and flood is a wide-range complex systemic problem. Research focus is to develop a prototype system with Digital Earth to prevent disaster by sensing and importing related datasets.

College of Humanities, Dept. of history and Geography (Associate Professor)
Specialty/Geoinformatics, Digital Earth, Environmental study

Health of the people are not only influenced by individual activities but also from the environment and social conditions. Research focus is to support policy making and services to manage the health of people by sensing and integrating the related information into the Digital Earth.